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Photonics for delicious chocolate

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On World Chocolate Day, we celebrate the delightful taste and rich history of chocolate. However, behind the scenes, there is a hidden hero contributing to the quality and irresistible flavour of chocolate: photonics.

Precision in Bean Sorting
Photonics technology, such as hyperspectral imaging, enables precise sorting of cocoa beans. By illuminating the beans with different wavelengths of light, specific characteristics and quality indicators can be revealed. Photonics-based systems analyse the reflected light to identify and remove defective or undesirable beans. This precision sorting ensures that only the finest beans are used in the chocolate-making process.

Controlled Roasting
The roasting process significantly impacts the taste of chocolate. Photonics sensors, such as infrared spectroscopy, can measure the temperature and moisture content during roasting. This real-time monitoring allows chocolatiers to precisely control the roasting parameters, ensuring that the beans reach their optimal flavour without being under or over-roasted. Photonics technology thus guarantees consistency and enhances the nuanced flavours of the final chocolate product.\

Quality Control during Production
Also during the production process, photonics can make a big impact on the quality control. Parameters like sugar content, grain size of the sugar and other quality product characteristics such as glossiness and texture can be measured using photonics technologies. The MULTIPLE project has a great use case example of advanced metrology combined with AI and machine learning to achieve improved quality control for chocolate production.

Preservation through Packaging
Photonics plays a crucial role even after the chocolate is made. Light can degrade the quality of chocolate over time, causing flavour deterioration and discoloration. Photonics technology is used in the development of advanced packaging materials that provide an effective barrier against light exposure. These innovative packaging solutions protect the chocolate, ensuring its flavours remain intact until delivery to the consumer.

Overall, photonics has a huge impact on the production process and its flavours, from the bean sorting to the roasting process, and during the production and even beyond through the choice of packaging. So let’s enjoy a nice piece of chocolate on this World Chocolate Day while appreciating the amazing power of photonics.

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